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Projecting office of

Galina Amvrosimova



Our tasks are:

•   To offer modern technological projects to the Customer, executed with the world’s latest design developments of public catering, trade enterprises and public services establishments in compliance with Russian federation norms.
•    To work for the benefit of project customers, company’s employees and business partners.
•     To maintain a healthy competition among project organizations in European market.  

Our main value is the confidence of our Customers.

We value our impeccable business reputation and always fulfill our obligations in relation to our customers.

Openness, fairness and professionalism are the principles of our business.

The target of our activities is our striving to promote economic development and prosperity of our customers.

The team of our company is one of our main values. The specialists of our company are real professionals of their business.

We have respect for our business partners, their achievements and strive for long-term and mutually profitable cooperation.

We strive for achievement of maximal result at the lowest costs

List of works carried out by our company.

•     Object zoning. Stage P (project documentation), Stage WD (working documentation).
•     Technological solutions for all public catering establishments, including hotels.
•     Technological solutions for trade enterprises.
•     Technological solutions for small laundries and public services establishments.
•     Technical support of projects fulfilled by foreign specialists (conformation with Russian Federation norms).
•     Observation on the construction works and regular supervision.

List of works on development of project’s technological part.

“Project documentation” stage

List of works on development of project’s technological part.

“Working documentation”stage